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The HOWO dump truck is a heavy-duty vehicle with a large payload capacity. It was developed by Shanghai Dongfeng Heavy Duty Truck Co. Ltd and then launched in 2002 to replace the old model of the Hanyang Dump Truck, which had been on the market for more than 30 years. Nowadays, HOWO dump trucks are manufactured in China as well as in other countries such as Egypt, Iran, and Pakistan.

What is the engine of HOWO dump truck?

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The HOWO dump truck is powered by a diesel engine. It is a 4×4 heavy-duty vehicle with a payload capacity of 25 tons.

The HOWO dump truck is designed for oil and gas, construction, mining, and other heavy industries. It has a weight of 20 tons and can carry up to 25 tons of payload. The dump truck has a cab-over design with an engine at the front end.

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Are HOWO dump trucks reliable?

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Reliability is a crucial factor to consider when purchasing a dump truck. Whether you’re looking for a long-term investment or just want something that will get the job done, reliability is important. But what are the factors that make some vehicles more reliable than others? Let’s take a look at some of the biggest differences between reliable and unreliable dump trucks.

  • Engine type: Dump trucks with diesel engines tend to be more reliable than those with gasoline engines, though there are exceptions to this rule (such as Caterpillar’s dump trucks). Diesel engines have fewer moving parts and require less maintenance, which reduces breakdown rates significantly.
  • Transmission type: Automatic transmissions can malfunction at any time if they aren’t well maintained, so if you’re planning on using your dump truck in difficult conditions where maintenance may be an issue, stick with manual transmissions—they’re much easier to repair when something goes wrong.
used tri axle dump trucks

used tri axle dump trucks

Who made HOWO dump truck?

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HOWO dump trucks were made by Hubei Automobile Group. Hubei Automobile Group is a Chinese state-owned enterprise that has been manufacturing HOWO dump trucks since 1988.

HOWO dump trucks are heavy-duty diesel-powered vehicles that are used for construction, mining and demolition applications. HOWO dump trucks can be configured with a variety of attachments including:

What country manufactures HOWO trucks?

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Chinese manufacturers produce the majority of HOWO trucks. The most common Chinese manufacturer is CNHTC (China National Heavy Duty Truck Group), which has its own truck brand, XCMG. The state-owned Chinese Academy of Sciences also produces a small number of HOWO trucks under its own brand name.

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Which is better HOWO or Shacman?

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Howo dump truck is a Chinese truck, while Shacman is another Chinese truck. Nowadays, HOWO has become the most popular and widely used dump truck in the United States. It is because of how’s high quality at a reasonable price and modern technology. HOWO has more features than shacman, such as a single-axle for off-road use, an automatic transmission system with a multi-speed mode (6 gears), an air suspension seat cushioning system, and so on.

2022 Dump Truck Price List

2022 Dump Truck Price List

What is considered the most reliable truck ever?

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You may be asking yourself: what is considered the most reliable truck ever? What’s the most reliable pickup truck? How about the most reliable pickup truck ever made?

Well, if you’re talking about dump trucks, you’ve come to the right place. The howo dump truck is one of China’s top-selling vehicles and is made by HOWO Group—a company that specializes in commercial vehicles.

This particular model features a 4×2 drivetrain with an automatic transmission that allows it to reach speeds up to 56 mph (90 km/h). It also sports an air-conditioning system that can keep you comfortable when temperatures rise or fall too quickly for comfort. In addition, this model offers four different suspension settings so that its occupants will always feel secure on rough terrain or smooth roads alike!

How much is a HOWO dump truck?

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In terms of the cost, it varies. They can be bought new or used and can come with varying qualities. A new one will be more expensive than an old one, but they are often more durable as well. The weight of a HOWO dump truck also varies depending on whether or not it has been modified to haul different materials.

The average weight empty is around 70 tons (63 metric tonnes). This means that a howo dump truck does not need any special license to drive on normal roads or highways!

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How many cubic meters is a Howo truck?

Dump trucks are used in many industries, including construction and mining. The Howo dump truck is made in China by the Dongfeng Motor Group. It is a very popular dump truck model because it’s durable and reliable. The term ‘Howo’ refers to Shenyang Heavy Industry Group Co Ltd which manufactured the first generation of these trucks back in 1968.

The Howo series has been used by many countries around the world, including China itself where they have been exported since 1992 when used as military vehicles during border disputes with Russia over territories in Mongolia and Siberia (source). They were later modified into civilian versions after being deemed too expensive for military use only – ehem cheap knockoffs like those sold at Walmart!

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What is the best Chinese dump truck?

If you’re looking for the best Chinese dump truck, look no further than howo dump trucks from Haima. The howo range is known for its reliability and durability, making it ideal for all types of work on construction sites, mines and quarries. It’s no surprise that the howo has been a favorite amongst professional drivers in Australia since being introduced in 2016.

How can you tell whether or not your truck is a genuine model? Simple: look at the badge! If there are three ‘circles’ on it (instead of two), then you’ve got yourself an authentic piece of machinery.


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