HOWO Quad Axle Dump Truck ​
Truck TypeDump Truck
Driving Mode8X4
Emission StandardsEuro 5
Cargo Compartment Size8200mm
Tire Specifications12.00R20

This dump truck has a very strong engine and unique styling, making it a big hit in the industry. It is completely like a car without any burden on the construction site. It is also a newly-designed truck with outstanding performance and advanced technology. The price is relatively cheap, and it is more cost-effective to purchase such heavy cargo vehicles than new ones in other countries.

After testing

1. The lighting system is normal;

2. The interior is tidy;

3. A personal first-hand truck;

4. The electronic system is normal;

5. The overall vehicle is in good condition;

6. The engine and gearbox work conditions are normal, idling speed is regular, there is no jitter, and the steering is flexible;

7. The original paint of the truck has a few defects and a few changes in appearance.